My notes in setting up a WP Sage starter theme

I’m trying out latest build tools with our ever popular and favorite CMS – WordPress, so here is what I did:

1. Setup your WordPress site by downloading the latest

2. If you don’t have your terminal environment in windows setup, I suggest you install a git terminal client like

3. Make sure you have Node.js,

4. Make sure you have the latest version of Node Package Manager by running in git-bash:
npm install -g npm@latest

5. Install gulp and Bower globally with npm install -g gulp bower

6. Download or clone insite the WP theme directory

7. Navigate to the theme directory, then run – npm install

8. Make sure you have all dependencies by running – bower install

9. run gulp to make sure there are no errors, if there are errors, most likely you will be manually installing some dependencies

10. Find and edit you config file which is inside your-theme_folder/assets/manifest.json then update the devUrl to point to your local development machine,

Find this line, by default it is in #24:

“config”: {
“devUrl”: “http://localhost/your_local_dev_site/”

11. Run gulp watch and your browser should open up automatically and it will refresh every time you have file changes


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